Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs (BEUC)

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Lobbying costs:

WARNING: As this organisation lists one or more EP accredited lobbyists, it is highly improbable that its lobbying costs are lower than €10,000.

WARNING: The lobbying costs declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

2,500,000€ - 2,749,000€

Financial year: 01/01/2019 - 01/12/2019

Lobbyists declared: 24.75 FTE (33)

WARNING: The number of full time equivalent lobbyists declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.


Lobbyists with EP accreditation: 5


Meetings with European Commission: 194

Lobbying costs over the years:


Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs (BEUC)

Registration on EU Transparency Register

9505781573-45 (First registered: 29 Oct 2008)

Goals / Remit

BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, is a non-governmental organisation whose job it is to bring the voice of Europe’s consumers to the European Union legislative institutions of Commission, Parliament and Council.

We have a membership of 45 independent national consumer organisations from 32 European countries. BEUC acts as the umbrella group in Brussels for these organisations and our main task is to represent our members and defend the interests of all Europe’s consumers.

BEUC was created on 6 March 1962 by the consumer organisations of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. After working together for a number of years, these organisations decided to create a European association, based in Brussels.

BEUC was a pioneer, one of the first lobbying organisations to set up base in the European capital in a bid to influence the decision-making process. To do this, we receive funding from our members, a grant from the European Union and we execute specific projects.

BEUC is acknowledged as a trustworthy representative by both decision-makers and opponents alike, thanks in particular to the collective skills, knowledge and expertise of our member organisations. BEUC is fortunate to benefit directly from their experience and day-to-day contact with consumers at grass roots level. What is more, anyone dealing with BEUC can be sure that the position we present has received the backing of the most representative national consumer organisations. Through BEUC, these organisations are able to speak out with one voice.

BEUC supports the empowerment of consumers through competitive markets, but complemented by health and safety safeguards. Only safe products and services, which do not put at risk our health, future generations or the environment, should be available on the EU market. In addition, regulatory measures must protect their economic and legal interests.

Our prioritised topics are: Consumer Rights; Enforcement and Redress; Digital Rights; Energy; Financial Services; Food; Sustainability; Trade; Safety; Health;


BEUC’s priorities are : Financial Services: • Banking services • Financial supervision & regulation • Investor protection • Payment services Food • Cloning and novel food • Food information • Food safety • Food sustainability • Health and nutrition claims Consumer Rights & Enforcement; • Passenger rights • Alternative Dispute Resolution • Collective redress • Consumer law aquis • E-commerce • Enforcement and competition law • Unfair commercial practices and contract terms Digital Rights; Copyright Digital Single market Antitrust Investigations Privacy and personal data protection Telecoms Single Market platform economy AI cybersecurity Sustainability. Ecodesign & Energy label Ecolabel Sustainable mobility Green Deal Energy Energy consumer rights Energy markets Renewable energy We also work on Health • Clinical trials • eHealth • Medical devices • Pharmaceuticals • Access to Medicines Safety • Chemicals • Nanotechnology • Product safety Trade/TTIP For further information, please see our website: www.beuc.eu


Head office:
Rue d'Arlon, 80
Brussels B-1040

Tel: 322 7431590