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Warning! LobbyFacts is temporarily only showing data up to 19 September 2021. This is because from 20 September, the EU lobby register changed format and the register's secretariat is no longer providing complete and reliable daily data updates which LobbyFacts uses to keep up to date. This temporary problem has not affected LobbyFacts' archive facility, but for today's lobby data, please check the original EU lobby register. We hope the secretariat will remedy this soon, enabling us to launch a new improved and faster version of LobbyFacts.

LobbyFacts is a vital resource for anyone – journalists, researchers, students, activists – who wants to understand lobbying in Brussels and how it has changed over recent years.

LobbyFacts is a one-stop-shop of data on EU lobbying in Brussels. Using data drawn, in real time, from the official EU lobby transparency register and the Commission’s published lists of its high-level lobby meetings, LobbyFacts brings together data on lobby spend and turnover; numbers of lobbyists and European Parliament pass-holders; high-level Commission meetings held; country of origin; issues lobbied on; and other info.

Specifically, LobbyFacts can help you to:

  • Find up-to-date information on the lobby activities of all organisations in the official EU lobby transparency register

  • Create a history of lobbying for a particular organisation or group of organisations using information which is no longer publicly available on the official register website

  • Track the rise and fall of the biggest companies, trade associations, or lobby consultancies in terms of their lobby spend and lobbyist numbers

  • Filter-out inaccurate lobby data from your searches and rankings

  • Download your searches into user-friendly data files

  • LobbyFacts can also provide journalists with tailored information. If you provide us with a list of registered organisations which you are interested in, perhaps from a certain sector, we can provide a spreadsheet of all the information we hold on them. Alternatively, we are happy to discuss specific media queries and to help journalists get the lobby data they need to illustrate their stories. Just get in touch!