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Welcome to LobbyFacts.eu – the platform providing essential data on lobbying in the European institutions. This site is a joint project by Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl, which allows you to search, sort, filter, and analyse official data from the EU Transparency Register so journalists, activists, researchers, and the interested public can track lobbyists and their influence at the EU level over time.

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  • Are companies investing more in lobbying than last year?

  • Which lobbyists meet most often with the Commission elite?

  • Which lobby actors hold the most access passes to the EU parliament?

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Check out the biggest EU business lobbies today

Check out the biggest EU lobby firms today

LobbyFacts currently only presents data from the EU lobby transparency register up to 19 September 2021. This is due to recent changes made by the EU register; we are working to present these on LobbyFacts as soon as possible.