The data displayed on LobbyFacts.eu is based on published information extracted from two official sources. LobbyFacts.eu replicates published data from these sources and we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in the original data. If you are using LobbyFacts.eu data, you can always confirm it by checking the original sources. Our two sources are the EU Transparency Register and the European Commission’s data on lobby meetings:

EU Transparency Register

This is a joint European Commission – European Parliament initiative which offers registrants the opportunity to publish data on their EU lobby activities; it is entirely voluntary. As stated on its website, all information on the official EU register is provided by registrants themselves, making it the sole responsibility of those organisations. It is widely recognised that many entries in the official register are inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise misleading.

Data taken from the official EU register also include several hundred ‘duplications’, where organisations have joined the register and then re-registered under a different identification number. Campaigners consistently demand more resources for the secretariat of the EU lobby register to monitor entries and enforce the rules to boost the quality of the data.

Data on the official register is in constant flux as new organisations join and registrants update their entries; the data on LobbyFacts reflect these changes. Our website is refreshed once a day, following publication of the official daily xml file update. This synchronisation process might explain any short-term differences between data on LobbyFacts.eu and data on the official register.

European Commission data on meetings

The data on meetings held between high-level Commission staff and lobbyists on LobbyFacts.eu mirrors the information on multiple, official Commission webpages.

These pages detail the lobbyists met by commissioners, their cabinet members and directors-general, when these meetings took place, and which issues were discussed. LobbyFacts.eu consolidates this data with information from the official register to identify the lobby organisation met.

The Commission has published this information since 1 December 2014, and all high-level meetings are required to be posted online within two weeks.

In the view of LobbyFacts, this data is flawed. Some lobby meetings take place and are not published; while some meetings are posted in duplicate, perhaps if both a commissioner and cabinet member attended. The meetings data on LobbyFacts is refreshed once a week, and this might explain any short-term differences between data on LobbyFacts.eu and data on the official webpages.

The LobbyFacts team is constantly looking to improve the smooth running of this website. If you think you've found an inaccuracy, please report it via our contact form.