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#Organisation nameHead office inLobbying costsEP passesLobbyists (FTE)Meetings with EC
11601OHANA CONSULTANCYBelgiumno figure available110
11602OTHERSBelgiumno figure available120
11603Olivia Lucia GambelinBelgiumno figure available010
11604Olympic Urban FestivalBelgiumno figure available02.51
11605Open Search Foundation e.V.Germanyno figure available00.51
11606Openichnos Hellas Private CompanyGreeceno figure available00.252
11607Organic Policy, Business and Research ConsultancyUnited Kingdomno figure available00.750
11608PA Matters s.r.o.Slovakiano figure available020
11609PARADIGMES cabinet d'avocatsFranceno figure available00.50
11610PNG - European Union Business CouncilPapua New Guineano figure available06.250
11611PRM-CEE Kft.Hungaryno figure available050
11612Payments EuropeBelgiumno figure available011
11613People & IdeasBelgiumno figure available110
11614Photoinitiators PlatformBelgiumno figure available00.50
11615Platform Peace and JusticeBelgiumno figure available00.250
11616Pollinate Sweden (Pollinera Sverige)Swedenno figure available010
11617Ports de NormandieFranceno figure available00.50
11618PresidioEuropa No TAVItalyno figure available01.250
11619Pro-In Protect Innovations GmbHGermanyno figure available010
11620Protect Our Winters EuropeAustriano figure available010
11621Push the Button SolutionsFinlandno figure available01.250
11622QHR FoundationSwitzerlandno figure available11.750
11623Quentin MichelonFranceno figure available010
11624RECLAIMBelgiumno figure available110
11625RENDEL ConsultingBelgiumno figure available010