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#Organisation nameHead office inLobbying costsEP passesLobbyists (FTE)Meetings with EC
1101Nicolas HeninFranceno figure available00.250
1102OranoFranceno figure available240
1103PARISBRUXELLESFranceno figure available020
1104POMERANTZ LLP - FranceFranceno figure available20.50
1105PRODUCT LAW FIRM / SARL ABG PARTNERSFranceno figure available00.250
1106Petro produkcijaFranceno figure available020
1107Public PartnersFranceno figure available00.250
1108SPIEGELEER CONSULTINGFranceno figure available010
1109STRATINVEST ConsultingFranceno figure available10.250
1110Technologies, droits, responsabilités, sociétéFranceno figure available00.250
1111The Association of Independent Accredited VerifiersFranceno figure available00.250
1112The European MachinistFranceno figure available00.250
1113YborderFranceno figure available060
1114active community for value and fitFranceno figure available00.250