The data displayed on LobbyFacts.eu is based on information gathered from the official EU Transparency Register. As stated on the website of the EU Transparency Register, the information in the register is provided by the registered organisations themselves and is thus the sole responsibility of those organisations. Therefore, LobbyFacts.eu is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information collected from the EU Transparency Register.

The groups behind LobbyFacts (Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl) recommend the European Commission and the European Parliament to ensure that the joint secretariat of the EU Transparency Register is carrying out regular checks on entries and enforcing corrections of flawed entries. This is a precondition for the EU Transparency Register to be a truly useful and reliable source of data. In particular, we note that the EU Transparency Register includes a number of double or duplicate registrations. LobbyFacts filters these out, meaning that LobbyFacts will normally display a lower number of registered organisations than the EU Transparency Register.

Registrations in the EU Transparency Register website are changing all the time. The data on LobbyFacts are only refreshed once a day, using the daily xml files provided by the EU Transparency Register on the EU Open Data Portal. This time lag means that information displayed on LobbyFacts.eu may not fully match the data on the EU Transparency Register.

Although the LobbyFacts team works hard to oversee the smooth running of this website, the complexity of our web tool may lead to some small inaccuracies. LobbyFacts is 'work in progress' and we are further developing and refining its capabilities; we hope to be able to offer new functions over time.

If you spot a data inaccuracy or encounter some functionality problem on this website, please send us your feedback via the webform