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Who are the biggest spenders on lobbying? Is there a balance between corporate and public interest lobbying? Are lobbyists spending more or less than last year? Which organisations have the most meetings with the Commission elite? Which organisations have the most EU parliament lobbyist passes? LobbyFacts can help you answer these kinds of questions.


Find the largest EU lobby firms


EU lobby firms ranked on the lobby costs they declared in the EU transparency register (data as of 24 November 2016).
This ranking was obtained by using the filters on the Statistics page.

Tracing EU lobbying over time


LobbyFacts datacards for Google, showing data as of 12 March 2012 and 30 August 2016

Our unique archive of data from the EU transparency register, going back to February 2012, has now been integrated to the LobbyFacts database. Via the time line on top of each data card, you can access this historical information and retrace changes in the declarations of organisations in the register.

Google is, without doubt, one of the most active lobbyists in Brussels. With 120 lobby meetings held since December 2014 with a commissioner, cabinet member or director-general, (there have probably been many more meetings with lower level officials, not to mention MEPs, but these are not systematically published), Google is second only to BusinessEurope (140 meetings) in terms of lobby organisations with the best access to the elite of the Commission.

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