Europartners. (EPN)

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Lobbying costs:

WARNING: As this organisation lists one or more EP accredited lobbyists, it is highly improbable that its lobbying costs are lower than €10,000.

WARNING: The lobbying costs declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

50,000€ - 99,999€

Financial year: 01/01/2019 - 01/12/2019

Lobbyists declared: 2.5 FTE (5)

WARNING: The number of full time equivalent lobbyists declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.


Lobbyists with EP accreditation: 1


Meetings with European Commission: 1

Lobbying costs over the years:


Europartners. (EPN)

Registration on EU Transparency Register

641713527153-40 (First registered: 12 May 2017)

Goals / Remit

Europartners S.r.l. ( is a consulting company that offers research services, strategic planning, strategic organizational planning, through its network of collaborators and consultants in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the know-how of this group of professionals, the customer can count on a continuous and always tailored assistance from the development of the idea to the implementation of the planned activities. The resources made available by Europartners help to create innovative solutions, thanks to the heterogeneity of skills available in its network, to increase the competitiveness of customers both in the Italian and foreign markets.


Politiche sociali e del lavoro Politica industriale Politiche dell'innovazione Politiche giovanili Immigrazione Individuazione delle priorità e delle necessità specifiche che porteranno alla progettazione e programmazione di politiche sia esse pubbliche che commerciali al fine di raggiungere risultati rilevanti e sostenibili, attraverso anche lo sviluppo di nuovi metodi/tecnologie utilizzando anche strumenti statistici ed econometrici per una completa analisi quali-quantitativa.


Head office:
rue des deux eglises 39
Bruxelles ,

Tel: 32 488932107