European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

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Lobbying costs:

WARNING: As this organisation lists one or more EP accredited lobbyists, it is highly improbable that its lobbying costs are lower than €10,000.

WARNING: The lobbying costs declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

7,000,000€ - 7,249,999€

Financial year: 01/01/2019 - 01/12/2019

Lobbyists declared: 37 FTE (38)

WARNING: The number of full time equivalent lobbyists declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.


Lobbyists with EP accreditation: 0

Meetings with European Commission: 6

Lobbying costs over the years:


European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Registration on EU Transparency Register

738492215435-82 (First registered: 22 Jan 2015)

Goals / Remit

ECDPM is a leading independent think tank that wants to make policies in Europe and Africa work for inclusive and sustainable development.

We believe that good policies are extremely powerful. They can tackle society’s biggest problems at the root, lay a foundation for change and play a crucial part in making the global development agenda a reality for all. That is why we want to help institutions and governments across Europe and Africa create policies that work.

Our independent policy experts contribute sharp analysis, thorough research and fresh ideas. But making policies work requires stepping off the sidelines too. It means working closely with the people who create, implement and are impacted by policies. We bring different groups around the table, smooth the way for debate and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. We provide advice and training and design practical solutions together.


Joint Africa-Europe Strategy (JAES), Cotonou Agreement, 2030 Agenda, EU Global Strategy, EU consensus on development, EU neighbourhood, Policy coherence for development, Multiannual Financial Framework, Joint programming, financing of the African Peace Facility, EU Common Security and Defense Policy, EU trust funds, European Investment Plan, Trade and Investment policy, Economic Partnership Agreements, Private sector engagement, Citizens and civil society empowerment, Regional integration, Food security and nutrition policy, Migration compacts and Valetta action plan, Financing for sustainable development, etc.


Head office:
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, 21
Maastricht 6211

Tel: 31 043 350 29 00

Belgium office:
Rue Archimede 5
Brussels 1000,

Tel: 32 22374310