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Financial year: 01/01/2018 - 01/12/2018

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582366131042-52 (First registered: 04 Apr 2018)

Goals / Remit

Numalis is a software editing SME with 11 employees hinged around the concept of reliable and efficient software in critical industries. Numalis’s technology is the result of the industrialization of the PhD work of its main founder, Arnault Ioualalen. This academic work concerned the automatic improvement of the accuracy of synchronous programs. The motivation for this type of research work follows the industrial incidents of the 1990s (Failed interception of Patriot missile, collapse of the Sleipner A platform, Explosion of the Ariane 5 rocket, etc.). Today, Numalis focus on any kind of reliability issues related to embedded computations, such as those found in critical context or in AI.

Our target customers are all entities specifying, designing, manufacturing and marketing products performing calculations in critical contexts such as in Aeronautics, Aerospace, Defense and Artificial Intelligence. The users of Numalis’s products are engineers of R&D, R&T, integration and validation who are responsible for designing and then embedding the calculations within these systems.

Numalis proposes a technology allowing to characterize formally the robustness of an AI. This technology will allow the use of formally proven neural networks in the context critical embedded systems (cars, planes, drones, defense systems). This automatic AI validation tool is designed through the collaboration of Numalis with many major European industries. As this work establish the very first formal methods to prove the safety of an AI, it has the potential to pave the way for a standardization of any AI use in the industry. To foster this process Numalis works both with standardization organizations such as AFNOR and ISO, as well as with the French Government. Indeed the CEO, Arnault Ioualalen, took part of the Villani commission as an AI expert and he is an active member of AFNOR and ISO commissions on AI.


Artificial Intelligence initiative from the European commission (DG Connect and DG Grow). Focus group on ethics and AI run by the CEN CENELEC


Head office:
Numalis Cap Oméga, rond-point Benjamin Franklin Cap Oméga, rond-point Benjamin Franklin
Montpellier 34960,

Tel: 33 467130093