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Warning! As of 20 September 2021, the EU lobby register has changed format. Temporarily, the register is no longer providing daily data updates of all lobby data which means that the figures on LobbyFacts cannot currently be kept up-to-date. If, for example, you see a company, trade association, or lobby consultancy with "no figure available" for EU lobby costs, open the data card, and click the link to the EU lobby register where you will find the updated registration including EU lobby costs declaration. Regretably, under the lobby register format, NGOs and think tanks are no longer required to provide a figure for EU lobby costs. We will update LobbyFacts with the new data as soon as possible.

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Lobbying costs:

WARNING: As this organisation lists one or more EP accredited lobbyists, it is highly improbable that its lobbying costs are lower than €10,000.

WARNING: The lobbying costs declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

4,250,000€ - 4,499,999€

Financial year: 01/01/2020 - 01/12/2020

Lobbyists declared: 14.25 FTE (30)

WARNING: The number of full time equivalent lobbyists declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.


Lobbyists with EP accreditation: 8


Meetings with European Commission: 42

Lobbying costs over the years:


Bayer AG

Registration on EU Transparency Register

3523776801-85 (First registered: 17 Dec 2008)

Goals / Remit

Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture. With our innovative products, we are contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time.

The Bayer Group is managed as a life science company with three divisions – Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science, which are also our reporting segments. The Enabling Functions support the operational business.


Policy areas related to pharmaceutical, crop protection, seeds and corporate legislations and regulations as well as policies in the area of trade, industry, intellectual property, environmental protection, chemical policy, agricultural policy, digital policy, taxation, innovation and research, development policy and pesticide regulations EU – Mercosur Trade Agreement Communication COM/2019/640 final The European Green Deal Communication COM(2020) 381 final A Farm to Fork Strategy for a fair, healthy & environmentally-friendly food system Communication COM(2020) 380 final EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030: Bringing nature back into our lives Communication COM/2020/667 final Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Towards a Toxic-Free Environment Directive on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers, and repealing Directive 2009/22/EC Fitness Check of the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive REACH Regulation (Review 2022, REFIT Evaluation, Restriction on the use of intentionally added micro plastic particles to consumer or professional use products of any kind) Communication COM/2018/097 final Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (Taxonomy) on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment Proposal for a Commission Delegated Regulation supplementing (EU) 2020/852 by establishing the technical screening criteria for determining the conditions under which an economic activity qualifies as contributing substantially to climate change mitigation or climate change adaptation (…) Proposal for a Directive as regards disclosure of income tax information by certain undertakings and branches Proposal for a Regulation on European data governance COM/2020/767 final New action plan of the Commission on intellectual property Communication COM/2020/761 final Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe Proposal for a Regulation on health technology assessment and amending Directive 2011/24/EU Communication COM/2021/44 final Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan Communication COM/2019/128 final European Union Strategic Approach to Pharmaceuticals in the Environment REGULATION No 1107/2009 concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market and repealing Council Directives 79/117/EEC and 91/414/EEC REGULATION 2019/1381 on the transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chain and amending Regulations (EC) No 178/2002 et al. REGULATION NO 396/2005 on maximum residue levels of pesticides in or on food and feed of plant and animal origin and amending Council Directive 91/414/EEC REGULATION No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures Directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC, and amending Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 Directive 2009/128/EC establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides Directive 2001/18/EC on the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms and repealing Council Directive 90/220/EEC Public consultation on Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests Regulation No 1946/2003 on transboundary movements of genetically modified organisms Regulation No 1830/2003 concerning the traceability and labelling of genetically modified organisms and the traceability of food and feed products produced from genetically modified organisms and amending Directive 2001/18/EC Proposal for a DIRECTIVE on the quality of water intended for human consumption Proposal for a DIRECTIVE on copyright in the Digital Single Market COM/2016/0593 final - 2016/0280 Proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council amending decision 2003/17/EC on equivalence of field inspections carried out in Ukraine on cereal seed-producing crops and cereal seed produced in Ukraine Proposal for a Regulation on statistics on agricultural input & output 2021/0020


Head office:
Bayer AG, -
Leverkusen 51368

Tel: 49 2143044235

Belgium office:
Rue Belliard 40
Bruxelles 1040,

Tel: 32 25502100