European Industrial Gases Association AISBL (EIGA)

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200,000€ - 299,999€

Financial year: 01/01/2017 - 01/12/2017

Lobbyists declared: 1 FTE (4)

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European Industrial Gases Association AISBL (EIGA)

Registration on EU Transparency Register

04077716126-17 (First registered: 30 Jun 2011)

Goals / Remit

The aims of EIGA focus on the safety, environmental, climate change, regulatory and technical aspects of the production, distribution and use of industrial gases including food gases and medical gases and their contribution to sustainable development.
-To promote general safety, health, and environmental awareness in the Industrial and Medical Gases Industries so that occupational injury and illness is minimized, environmental damage is avoided, any impact on climate change is minimised, and continuous improvement of performance in these areas is achieved.
-To review accidents and identify their causes for the purpose of providing guidance on preventing their recurrence or minimizing their consequences.
-To provide local, national and international authorities, organizations and standardisation bodies with information, recommendations and expert advice on production, transport, storage and applications of industrial and medical gases for their guidance in the preparation of laws, regulations and standards which are both practical and effective.
-To promote harmonization in technical and safety related standards and practices within the industry through establishing effective liaison with other international and national gas associations, and working with them to achieve international consistency.
-To co-operate with other organizations on technical, safety, environmental and standardisation matters.


Chemicals: e.g. REACH; CLP Regulation; Seveso Directive. Environmental Regulation: IED, Packaging and Waste. Transport: e.g. Pressure Equipment Directive; Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive. Energy and Climate change: e.g. ETS; Environment & Energy State Guidelines. Healthcare: e.g. Pharmaceuticals legislation relating to medical gases; Medical Devices Directive. Alternative Fuels Directive. Biocidal and plant protection directives.


Head office:
Avenue des Arts, 3-5
Brussels 1210,

Tel: 32 217 70 98