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This LobbyFacts list ranks lobby consultancies according to their declared turnover relating to lobbying activities in the most recent year for which they have provided figures. The list can also be sorted per country. Please see our disclaimer.

12958 organisations match the above search criteria.
#Organisation nameHead office inLobbying costsEP passesLobbyists (FTE)Meetings with EC
12576Breakthrough Energy Catalyst FoundationUnited Statesno figure available039
12577Building the Anti-Racist Classroom CollectiveUnited Kingdomno figure available00.250
12578Bundesverband Rauchfreie Alternative e.V.Germanyno figure available00.750
12579ByproductplaceSpainno figure available03.250
12580C&V CONSULTINGBelgiumno figure available220
12581CBH Rechtsanwälte, Cornelius Bartenbach Haesemann & Partner, Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbBGermanyno figure available020
12582CDG Law & Business SrlItalyno figure available10.750
12583CEEREAL - European Breakfast Cereal AssociationBelgiumno figure available00.50
12584CLIMCOM Berlin - Climate&Company - the private institute for climate research and trainingGermanyno figure available04.50
12585CMB.TECHBelgiumno figure available0301
12586COM'PUBLICSFranceno figure available00.250
12587COMPLIANCE - Ethique - Conformité des Affaires immobilièresFranceno figure available10.250
12588COMUNE DI CORIGLIANO-ROSSANOItalyno figure available03.50
12589COORDINAMENTO DIASPORE IN SARDEGNAItalyno figure available00.250
12590CY Cergy Paris UniversitéFranceno figure available020
12591Cambodia Bicycle CoalitionCambodiano figure available00.50
12592Cara InternationalIrelandno figure available010
12593Carbon Capture Company NordicSwedenno figure available030
12594Caribbean ASEAN Voluntary Council for Sustainable Development GoalsDominicano figure available06.50
12595Cellular Agriculture EuropeBelgiumno figure available00.251
12596Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm ReductionItalyno figure available05.750
12597Centre for Artificial Intelligence: Social & Digital InnovationsUnited Kingdomno figure available080
12598Cercle d’Étude Réalités Ecologiques et Mix ÉnergétiqueFranceno figure available00.50
12599Chambre de Commerce Européenne au TogoTogono figure available01.250
12600ChargeUp EuropeBelgiumno figure available023