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E.g., 21/10/2020
2569 organisations match the above search criteria.
#Organisation nameHead office inLobbying costsEP passesLobbyists (FTE)Meetings with EC
2551Innolith AGSwitzerlandno figure available00.250
2552InoBat j.s.a.Slovakiano figure available00.252
2553International Human Rights Council LimitedHong Kongno figure available10.50
2554Johnson ControlsBelgiumno figure available01.250
2555Knauf Energy SolutionsBelgiumno figure available00.755
2556KsapaFranceno figure available00.250
2557Lightstreams Network OUEstoniano figure available010
2558MAILOFranceno figure available00.251
2559MindsmithsCroatiano figure available00.250
2560Newway MobilityLuxembourgno figure available00.50
2561OrangeGreen BVNetherlandsno figure available06.251
2562Radoslav corporationBulgariano figure available010
2563STSS (MALTA) LimitedMaltano figure available011
2564Sensus SeptimaEstoniano figure available04.252
2565Siemens Energy AGGermanyno figure available35.50
2566Startup Manufactory LimitedIrelandno figure available04.50
2567Van de Sant Innovations BVNetherlandsno figure available03.250
2568ZE-DriveFranceno figure available010
2569emTransit B.V.Netherlandsno figure available00.250