Lobby consultancies hold over 670 Parliament access passes

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September 30th, 2014
by Vicky Cann

A LobbyFacts analysis of the number of EU Parliament access passes held by lobby consultancies confirms that these firms are key players in Brussels lobbying. Lobby consultancies in Brussels, typically working for a large number of corporate clients, hold 677 access passes to the European Parliament. The total number of lobbyist access passes is 4515.

Meanwhile, trade business and professional associations hold 1291 passes, NGOs hold 1052 and companies hold 858.

Five of the largest Brussels-based lobby consultancy firms have 130 lobbyists accredited to the European Parliament between them: Fleishman-Hillard, Burson-Marsteller, G Plus, FTI Consulting and APCO. Official European Parliament lobbyist passes allows the passholder unlimited and unaccompanied entry to the Parliament. Fleishman-Hillard tops the list with 35 lobbyist passes. Sixteen lobby consultancies declare holding 10 or more lobbyists passes.

Consultancies with 10+ Parliament lobbyists passes

  Lobby consultancy Declared lobbyists EP access passes
1 Fleishman-Hillard 59 35
2 Burson-Marsteller 60 25
3 G Plus Ltd 41 24
4 FTI Consulting Belgium 40 24
5 APCO Worldwide 25 22
6 Kreab Gavin Anderson 45 21
7 FIPRA International Limited 24 19
8 Hume Brophy 24 19
9 Interel European Affairs 20 17
10 cabinet DN consulting sprl 31 15
11 Brunswick Group LLP 17 12
12 ADS Insight 12 12
13 Weber Shandwick 14 11
14 Arcturus 15 11
15 Afore Consulting 10 10
16 Schuttelaar & Partners 7 10

Burson-Marsteller, APCO, FTI Consulting and Fleishman-Hillard are also all in the top 5 biggest Brussels-based lobby consultancies by turnover. The biggest is Fleishman-Hillard with an annual turnover of €11,514,273 generated from their lobbying work for over 100 clients, including powerful corporations like Exxon Mobil, Barclays Capital and Coca Cola. Please note that the list below is ‘cleaned-up’ to exclude those wrongly registered as a lobby consultancy and wrongly declaring high EU lobby expenditure and instead only features Brussels-based lobby consultancies. 

Biggest Brussels-based lobby consultancies by turnover

1 Fleishman-Hillard €11,514,273
2 Burson-Marsteller €8,965,000
3 Hill & Knowlton International Belgium €8,433,819
4 APCO Worldwide €7,75mn - €8mn
5 FTI Consulting Belgium €6mn - €6,25mn
6 G Plus Ltd €4mn - €4,25mn
7 Kreab Gavin Anderson €4mn - €4,25mn
8 FIPRA International Limited €3,25mn - €3,5mn
9 Afore Consulting €2,75mn - €3mn
10 cabinet DN consulting sprl €2,75mn - €3mn

Disclaimer: please note that the figures in this article were correct on 26 September 2014 but are very likely to change. Please see our detailed disclaimer.

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